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Pediatric Care

Good oral hygiene starts during infancy, before your child even develops their first teeth. There are a number of tools parents should use and procedures to follow in order to ensure a healthy and clean mouth during these early stages.

Once your baby's primary teeth come in (usually about 1-2 years), make sure that you bring your child in for their first dental checkup. Our gentle and caring staff will make sure that your child receives a comfortable and caring dental checkup while receiving the absolute best treatment, customized to their needs.

At Sorriso Dental, we want your child to establish a positive dental future, so we set a high standard of care early on. The best way to do this is through education. We believe that educating your child on the importance of a healthy mouth — brushing teeth, flossing, avoiding sugary foods — is the key to a beautiful smile. We also help to educate parents on the best methods to motivate their children to take a part in healthy dental activities.

We want you to feel at ease from the moment you step through our doors. A child's visit to the dentist should be enjoyable, comfortable, and most of all, safe. ​We would be proud to be your pediatric dentist and to care for your child's teeth while educating them on the importance of dental health.

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